Turning ideas into projects is difficult.

Read a full sample below with Patrick McKenzie of BingoCardCreator, and then download the full ebook free! We asked 39 successful entrepreneurs tough questions on how they went from their idea to a successful side project.

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What you'll get out of Reading:

  • 39 in-depth interviews with project makers featuring 2 NEW interviews in v1.5!
  • Never before released numbers, art work, and growth charts
  • Traffic, profit, and other behind-the-scenes metrics
  • How they came up with their idea
  • How they found that first customer...
  • ... and how they found the next thousand
  • Tactical advice on development, pricing, marketing, sales, SEO, and more
  • 182 page book .PDF
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Everyone should have a side project, read this book - if you don’t have one it will pound it into you.
People tell me that they're waiting for the perfect idea, but take a look at the 39 businesses featured here. Read More None of them screams "perfect idea" -- they're all ordinary ideas created by regular people who executed on them successfully. Get inspired by the stories, pick up any of the numerous solid-gold nuggets of tactical advice, then *ship something*. Less
Patrick McKenzie Kalzumeus Software, Founder
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What You'll Learn

  • How successful project creators turned their passions into a source of passive income.

  • How one app developer sky-rocketed his project to a top 10 app in the iPhone App Store.

  • What being featured by Apple did to one developer's sales

  • Turning a shoe-string budget web site into a $50,000/year income producing project.

  • Going from indie Mac Developer to being featured in a top blog and driving thousands of downloads all over the web.

  • Building an iPhone app with no coding experience, and being featured on Oprah, Mashable, and Good Morning America.

  • ...And many more stories from the projects below.

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